Postcard Marketing Services

Get your message directly in the hands of your target market.

PostcardPower is your source for professional, attention-grabbing postcard marketing. Target any audience, new customers or existing. We'll help you with the message, the design, printing and mailing. We've been leaders in direct mail since 1998, so our experts know what it takes to generate response.

  • Professional copywriting & design
  • High-quality printing & mailing
  • All card stocks & materials
  • Custom postcards sizes and die-cuts available
  • Integration with your online marketing strategies
  • The All-in-One Card – A postcard with a detachable business card

Direct mail works.

In today's fast-paced, Web-centric world, nothing is more personal than a postcard. Delivery is guaranteed. It gets right in people's hands. It grabs attention like no other marketing can.

At a time when people delete promotional emails without even looking at them, 98% of consumers check and sort their mail on the day it's delivered. Studies show that people receive satisfaction from checking mail. And those who receive print marketing typically make more purchases, online and off.*

*Source: USPS, Deliver Magazine, 2011